“Airsoft has been around for more than 30 years but the technology only progressed by inches. We, as players, spend hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, purchasing gear in preparation for airsoft games, and yet we still play with antiquated airsoft guns. This really motivated me to pursue how I can make my beloved game more realistic.”

Gwang-Seok Kim
CEO, GBLS Co., Ltd.


Dynamic Action System


Functioning BCG

Allowing 100% realistic manual of arms from loading and charging to stoppage and reloading drills


Heavy Recoil

Like in the real thing, the recoil of the DAS is generated by the cycling of the BCG giving a heavy felt recoil with realistic impulse


Constant Power

Powered by an 11.1V LiPo battery, the DAS platform provides consistent performance whatever the weather with no loss of power or rate of fire


Highly Accurate

The mechanism of the DAS begins its cycle with the piston cocked, meaning it is ready to fire the moment the mechanical trigger sear is released



The upper and lower receiver is disassembled like a real AR15



Precision CNC internals ensure a high degree of relability


GBLS UK is the sole distributor in the UK for GBLS Co., Ltd, creator of the world’s most realistic electric airsoft platform.